Welcome to the journey of continuous growth!

Welcome to my new blog!  This blog is geared towards athletic trainers in all phases of their careers. In addition to sharing my personal thoughts and findings, from time to time I’ll also have “guest bloggers” from the wonderful network of professionals that I’ve been blessed to have connected with.

My motivation behind creating this blog site?

Dialogue opens the door for empathy, collaboration, and positive result.

Working in a human service profession, I have the rewarding opportunity to interact with numerous people almost every day. I am challenged on a day-to-day basis with a diverse array of clients who possess varying personalities, cultures, societal status, experiential backgrounds, and approaches to life. Because of this, it is essential to value the importance of maintaining never-ending dialogue with peers, co-workers, and clientele. Dialogue opens the door for empathy and collaboration, for it is important for both the professional and the client to take a team-approach to their plan of care/goal-achieving process. Dialogue is used to continue to grow both personally and professionally. For example, I view my knowledge-base and development as “incomplete”. If I simply just regurgitated the information that I possess, without taking the time to completely understand its basis, I am putting myself in position which may inhibit rather than expedite positive outcomes in my clients. I gain this deeper understanding through constant dialogue with mentors, peers, and clients. As healthcare, fitness, and wellness professionals, it is important to understand the rationale for the critical choices we make with our clientele.

Challenge what you already know and your “comfort zone”, and get ready for a variety of mental perturbation!

Welcome to the journey of continuous growth!

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