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cATalyzing TV

Tip videos, "cATalyzing Conversations", and more! Check out our video channel and be sure to subscribe!

Continuing Education

Embark on a journey of continuous growth. Search for BOC approved CE courses to sharpen your saw.

Career Hacks

A collection of resources, recommended reading, and programs to help you on the job.

AT Advocacy

#ATValue. Own our profession. Here is some helpful information to share with others about Athletic Trainers and our impAcT.

NATA Resources

Take advantage of valuable member resources provided by the National Athletic Trainers' Association.

cATalyzing Partners

Together, we are stronger. Check out our exclusive partners as a resource for your needs.

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Resources for Athletic Trainers

Find your Why, learn to lead, transform your culture

It all starts with a "why". Utilize Simon Sinek's resources to clarify yours.

Perform Better Seminars

Take your injury prevention strategies and rehab game to another level with some of the best "learn-by-doing" workshops around!

Professional training from the best in the business

Sharpen your saw with the career cATalyzing resources offered by Dale Carnegie Training,

12 Ways to Make an Impact (whitepaper)

A life skills guide specifically for athletic trainers. ElevATe your self first.

Trigger Point / Referred pain guide

Dealing with some weird / recurrent pain patterns? This is an awesome resource to figure out a place to attack the potential culprit!

Rehab exercises for your tool box

Move well. Move often. Take advantage of this excellent exercise catalog from Functional Movement Systems.

catalyzing AT Partners

Shea Hawk Solutions

Built by athletic trainers, Shea Hawk Solutions offers website design, copywriting, and course creation services. Contact us today about your next project, we'd love to learn about you and your ideas!

Wild Iris Creative Company

Graphics and marketing company taking inspiration from the natural beauty of the Absaroka Mountains and the unpredictability of the wild west, we aspire to bring new ways of design to the world. Whether you need print, graphics, logos, social media or general design help, we are your go-to company.

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