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The cATalyzing AT’s podcast shares conversations and stories to help you elevATe your career, enhance your quality of life, “sharpen your saw”, pursue mastery of your craft, and recognize and achieve your potential. Whether you’re an athletic trainer, or other sports medicine or fitness professional,  you can expect to find value in the “shop talk” style conversations between Ryan Stevens, MPS, LAT, ATC, CSCS and other professionals and topic experts. 

Tune in for some cATalyzing conversations.  


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  • An AT's Guide to Understanding Chiropractors: Kevin Vieser, DC, ATC March 26, 2021
    "An Athletic Trainer's Guide to Understanding Chiropractors - a conversATion with Kevin Vieser, DC, ATC" There is no doubting the value that exists in intraprofessional collaboration. It is unfortunate that often there is "headbutting" which occurs between athletic trainers and chiropractors, and the most likely reason is a lack of understanding of what each side […]
  • ATSNJ in 60: 2021 Edition March 12, 2021
    In this episode, Ryan Stevens interviews all presenters who took part in the 2021 Athletic Trainers' Society of New Jersey (ATSNJ) Annual Symposium, discussing the Key Takeaways each #ATSNJ2021 education session. "ATSNJ: A year in NJ Athletic Training review + 2021 Goals" - Jessica Springstead EdD, ATC, ATSNJ Conference Chair and ATSNJ President Elect @ATSNJ […]
  • Quadrupedal Movement Training - Jeff Buxton, PhD November 2, 2020
    Incorporating Quadrupedal Movement Training into your Rehabs and Injury Reduction Programs with Jeff Buxton, PhD, Assistant Professor - Grove City College. In this episode we will discuss Jeff’s journey from coach to professor, hear about what got him interested in Quadrupedal Movement Training (QMT), and for what reasons he choose to do his PhD dissertation […]
  • COVID-19 Check in - Return to Athletics - Ryan Stevens, MPS, ATC, CSCS August 31, 2020
    Fall Sports - are you ready to go? This audio comes from an interview Ryan Stevens, MPS, ATC, CSCS did for the 2020 Somerset County School Nurses Association in August, organized by RWJ Somerset Hospital. The audience of this interview was school nurses, however this should serve as a "check in" for athletic trainers to […]
  • CommunicATe: Practical Skills to Enhance Message Delivery by Ryan Stevens, MPS, LAT, ATC, CSCS August 8, 2020
    Warning: Acting on the prompted self-reflection points and tips in this episode will change your career for the better. Be ready.  🙂 Having the skill set to bridge the gap between one's knowledge and the application of that knowledge often can be the difference maker in job satisfaction, workplace effectiveness, and professional growth. As athletic […]
  • What ATs need to know about Telehealth & Telemedicine: J. Timothy Sensor, LAT, ATC July 25, 2020
    With an ever-changing landscape in the provision of health care, now more than ever athletic trainers must understand proper implementation and utilization of telehealth and telemedicine strategies. This episode is a deep dive into all things telehealth and telemedicine, featuring J. Timothy Sensor, LAT, ATC of New Jersey. Tim shares what has fueled his passion […]
  • The Value of Self Advocacy for Athletic Trainers: Alisha M. Pennington, MS, ATC July 10, 2020
    Know your worth, show your worth, own your worth. Advocacy is a domino effect which starts with you as an individual, which spreads to impact our entire profession. In this episode, Ryan is joined by Alisha M. Pennington, MS, ATC, and they discuss the importance of self-advocacy for ATs and why we must master this […]
  • Job Seeking and Interview Tips for ATs - Stephanie Gehman, LAT, ATC, CEAS June 26, 2020
    Job Seeking and Interview Tips for Athletic Trainers - a conversation with Stephanie Gehman, LAT, ATC, CEAS With changes in our economy, staffing models, and increased healthcare needs stemming from a COVID-19 world, as an athletic trainer there's a chance you are looking for new or expanded opportunities this summer to advance your career. In […]
  • Developing Personal Power, with Kevin Briles, Sr., LAT, ATC, CSCS, EMT-B June 10, 2020
    During times when conflict arises and influence is necessary, the ability to leverage your own personal power can be the difference maker in the outcomes you achieve. As an athletic trainer, it is important to differentiate positional and personal power.  Kevin emphasizes the personality traits of civility and compassion and how those traits can be […]
  • cATalyzing Change - Empower through Personal Power (Special Message) June 3, 2020
    The mistreatment of our black & brown brothers & sisters, both intentionally & untintentionally, is unacceptable. #BlackLivesMatter There is no "inferior" race, nor is there an inferior ethnicity/religion/sexual orientation/gender identity. While many say "all lives do matter", right now our priority as a world is taking care of those who feel/are treated as though theirs […]