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What others are saying...


Ryan is a great coach with tremendous interpersonal skills! His motivational techniques combined with content knowledge is excellent which allows him to create a balanced, fun, and enjoyable atmosphere. Ryan's multi faceted training/rehabilitative methodology is built off of years of experience and a consistent thirst for knowledge. He is one of the best in our profession!

Raymond deLeon

Fitness Coach


Having worked with Ryan over nearly a year in several different training programs I believe that I have earned the right to comment on his strengths. Ryan is an enthusiastic motivator, it is in his DNA. When Ryan came to class as a participant he had value to the entire experience with a depth of insight, and willingness to lead discussions that raised the standard for everyone in the class. Ryan has the ability as a leader to plan, execute on his plan, and evaluate the results to learn for future application. Anyone who works with this man will find that he creates a healthy, and energetic environment.

Fred Walker


Ryan is a very dedicated team member, and was in instrumental part of our success at the Somerset Sports Performance Center. I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking for a highly trained, tremendously positive individual that will elevate the overall team's performance.

Glenn McCreesh

President, NE Group - Envision Healthcare


Ryan is a natural leader, motivator, and teacher. Serving as Vice President of O-PA! Performance Academy, Ryan demonstrated complete dedication to building a new brand, and new company from the ground up. He works closely with clients to understand key challenges and past injuries and customizes his training for them, yielding positive results. Ryan has the rare combination of skills to lead one-on-one or large groups of all ages. In addition, he has a keen ability to write and present. I highly recommend Ryan for an important position in any organization.

Olivia Banyon

VP, Opum Life Sciences

tim mancuso

Ryan is a person that always brings energy into the room.  He strives to communicate with people that helps them best thrive/succeed and provide their own unique style to the environment they are put in. Above all, he believes in holding himself and the people around to a higher standard in order to provide the best quality of service.

Timothy Mancuso, MS, ATC, NASM-PES

Athletic Trainer - RWJBarnabas Health