“Athletic Trainers elevate”: A poem

Let me tell a story of the profession known as AT
Not everybody understands it but hopefully w/ clarity they’ll see

Licensed health care providers, helping all ages of active persons
We provide education on injury prevention through various methods & lessons

Medical tape, medical supplies, & medical instruments
Preventative plans are what we implement

ATs are a part of the healthcare team
Helping amateur & pro athletes achieve their dream

But that’s not all friends, we’re capable of so much more.
Like when that warehouse worker hurt her back picking the box off the floor.

Like when that EMT hurt his leg, stepping down on to the street.
Or that police officer with a bad neck just trying to stay on the beat.

Or Like when the Corona virus tried to overcome our country’s healthcare system
We had a shortage of workers, athletic trainers all over rose up to assist them.

Together we’ll get through this, another challenge to our generation.
But the only way we’ll do so is through cooperation.

My fellow ATs, rise up, and help any way you can.
Even if it’s not on the front lines, offer to lend a hand.

We can do this all together and the curve will go flat.
Just as long as we remember these 3 words


(This poem was written by Ryan Stevens, MPS, ATC, CSCS,and was first featured on an episode of The Sports Medicine Broadcast during NATM 2020).

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