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The cATalyzing ATs mission is driven by a “why”.  

That “why” is to embrace and celebrATe challenge and growth in order to help Athletic Trainers recognize and achieve their own potential, leading to the collective growth of our profession.

cATalyzing ATs is..

Delivering sports medicine, leadership, and interpersonal growth support to athletic trainers via public speaking, podcast, written content, video media, and personalized collaboration. We leverage years of experience, failures, successes, and a strong network to play a part to educATe and elevATe our fellow athletic trainers, to celebrATe and elevATe our profession, to leave a lasting impAcT

Founder/Lead catalyst/Podcast Host:
Ryan Stevens, MPS, LAT, ATC, CSCS

The cATalyzing Podcast for ATs

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cATalyzing ATs

Have a story to tell or expertise to share with the cATalyzing AT community? CollaborATion idea for a media or educATional project? Looking for AT-specific personalized career coaching? 

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The Phoenix rises from the ashes of adversity, stronger than ever.
To all those who knew someone close to them who died on September 11th, know you are in our hearts today,

We also remember the sacrifice that heroes made during their response.

#GodBlessTheUSA #Unity #USA

On this Labor Day, if you are off work make the most of your opportunity. Make sure you're doing something that makes you happy & refreshed.

If you are working today, make it a goal within the next week to pick one "replacement" Labor Day for yourself.

TreAT yourself.

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